Exchange-Traded Funds

One-stop, lower-cost diversification

  • Basket of equities, fixed income, or commodities
  • Flexibility to buy and sell quickly—just like stocks 
  • 24x5 trading on a select group of widely traded ETFs


trading on select ETFs

Why we trade exchange-traded funds (ETFs)?

ETFs combine the ease of stock trading with potential diversification. They are baskets of stocks and bonds, many of which are built to track well-known market indexes like the S&P 500®.


ETFs are collections of potentially dozens, hundreds, even thousands of investments3


Because they’re traded on major exchanges, they’re typically as easy as stocks to buy and sell


We buy ETFs that track specific industries or strategies

Top five performing ETFs

9.46 (+5.8%)
7.87 (+5.06%)
2.14 (+2.2%)
3.97 (+5.32%)
5.48 (+6.85%)
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